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Waiting for Advent
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Waiting for Advent - How Jesus Fulfills Every Longing of Our Hearts

Waiting for Advent is our brand new 2018 Advent study! The study traces the theme of waiting throughout Scripture. Through the study we will focus on waiting for the Messiah to come while also learning how God works in our own seasons of waiting.

Life is filled with seasons of waiting. Can you imagine being an ancient Israelite, being promised that a Savior would come and mend all of the brokenness in the world? Can you imagine waiting for a King who would heal the land and enact justice? He would be the answer for everything. That would be difficult to wait for. Even in our modern context, a lot of our lives are characterized by waiting. We wait for a job. Or children. Or peace. Or victory. Even now, believers are waiting for the second coming of the Messiah. We spend a lot of time waiting.

It is easy for us to want to speed through the process of waiting. We often want to bypass the awkward time of expectation and get to the end goal. But the season of Advent teaches us the value of waiting. It teaches us to slow down and enjoy the work that God is doing while He is working all things together. When we spend time in waiting, God grow us. He moves and strengthens us. He brings us into a better understanding of who He is. Waiting isn’t awkward or useless—waiting gives way to abundant life.

This study emphasizes waiting, encouraging readers to lean in when waiting ensues. We might still be waiting for that job, or for healing, or for freedom from sin—but God is at work in the waiting. This study draws eyes heavenward to the Christ who became earthbound in a fleshly body, experiencing life as we do but championing it in sinlessness. We look to Christ. We wait for Christ. The Christ, His work, and His wisdom is always worth the wait.

In the first part of the study we will trace the theme of waiting for the Messiah through the Old Testament as we see how the world was longing for a Messiah. In the second part we will take a closer look at the Christmas narrative and see how every longing of our hearts is fulfilled in Jesus.

This is our most beautiful and meaningful Advent study yet and we can not wait to hear how it encourages you to trust the Lord in your own seasons of waiting.

The study is 5 weeks long and is perfect for individuals and groups. The book is 8x10 and 136 pages long. It is filled with gorgeous photography and lettering. The cover features gold foil lettering.

The study is designed to run from 11/30-12/31 though you can use it on any dates.

If you would like to join us for the Advent study, you can join our free Facebook community here. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Love this book!

Fantastic book with Waiting on the theme for Advent. Has truly centered my heart on Jesus this Christmas season.


I am so excited to learn so much from this bible study!! I’ve already started it and I’m loving it!

Love my first advent study

I've never really studied advent or have a traditions around advent so this study is helpful for learning more about advent and it is so beautiful!!

Loving this so far

I started the Advent study just a few days ago and so far I really love it! Looking forward to the next few weeks of this study.


I am so excited to start the Advent study. This is my favorite time of year and I'm glad to have a study that keeps my heart and mind on the real reason we celebrate.