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Season 2: Eden to Eternity Chronological

Season 2 of A Year in the Bible Podcast: Reading the Bible from cover to cover is a big challenge! And it’s often even harder to understand and apply what you’re reading. A Year in the Bible with Daily Grace is a daily, 5-minute podcast that will help you: Read the Bible from cover to cover in one year using our Year in the Bible reading plan. Understand each day’s reading by explaining confusing passages and difficult concepts. See how all of Scripture is one big story and how each book, chapter, and verse fits into the big picture of Scripture Reveal how all of Scripture points to Jesus—yes, even Old Testament books like Leviticus and Numbers! This podcast is meant to be listened to after you read each day’s assigned Bible reading. For additional study material that is made to complement the year in the Bible reading plan and podcast, check out the Story of Redemption Study Series.

The Daily Grace Podcast

The Daily Grace Podcast exists to help you know and love God and His Word. We believe deep BIble study, sound doctrine, and rich theology are not just for the seminary student or pastor, but are accessible for all believers. Whether you listen on the go, with kids in tow, or sitting down with pen and paper to take notes, we hope our conversations will: Teach you something new about God and His Word Help you more clearly understand the gospel and how it affects every area of your life Introduce you to gospel-centered mentors Feel like chatting with a good friend over coffee Lift your eyes from the chaos of life to Christ who is your peace You’re invited to join us each Tuesday as we chat about how the truth of God’s Word impacts our everyday lives!

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