A Liturgy for When You’ve Sinned Again

A Liturgy for When You’ve Sinned Again

by: Anteneshia Sanders

Did you do it again? The thing that you said you would stop doing the last time? And the time before that? Take heart. The mercy that the immortal God has given us in Christ is stronger and more consuming than the sin that wages war in your mortal body. If you’ve sinned again, pray this prayer:

God’s mercy is stronger than sin | TDGC

O Lord, when my lips

Have let loose another



When my heart has schemed

Another sinister and

Selfish plot


When my mind has meandered

Mercilessly on what is not

Mine for my imagination behold


And when I have despised

Your commands over

And over

And over


When I sin once again, I will look to Calvary | TDGC

Would You direct my gaze to Calvary?


Where the Son in whom You are pleased

Was pleased to lay down His life

For me


The hill

Where the Guiltless donned

The garment of 

The guilty


Remind me

O God


That repentance reaps


Repentance reaps restoration | TDGC



That because You are

Eternally pleased with Christ


You are eternally pleased

With me.




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