A Prayer for the Anxious

A Prayer for the Anxious

by: Alexa Hess


I am anxious.

My head is rushing with thoughts that I cannot silence.

My heart is beating like a drum that will not cease.

There is a weight pressing upon me that I cannot lift.

Help me.

"What ifs" plague my mind.

Fear grips my heart.

I feel like I am drowning in a sea of anxious thoughts.

Save me.

Settle my heart and ease my mind.

Help me breathe, to be calm, to be still.

Help me remember and rest in who You are.

You are my refuge in whom I find shelter.

You are my shield in whom I find protection.

You are my rock in whom I find security.

Help me cling to Your perfect promises.

That You are near.

That You fight for me.

That You strengthen me.

That You help me.

God, I want to trust You but I feel my trust slipping.

Help me trust in You.

My mind is full of worries that will not subside.

Help me to hand over my worries to you.

I so desperately want to feel secure and safe.

Help me release control of the things I cannot control.

Help me remember that You control everything for my good and Your glory.

I so desperately want to know what is to come, I want to know the outcome.

Help me to surrender my fears of the unknown, trusting in Your perfect sovereignty.

These thoughts of "what if" create scenarios that only multiply my fear.

They make it hard for me to trust what is real.

Help me place the answers to my "what if" questions in Your hands.

Keep my focus on what is true, right, and good.

God, thank You that You are a God of Peace.

That Your Son is the Prince of Peace.

That Your Spirit equips me with peace.

Cause Your perfect peace to wash over me now.

May Your peace wash away my fears, my doubts, my worries.

May Your peace saturate every part of me.

God, you are bigger and stronger than my fears.

Even though my anxious thoughts toss me to and fro, they cannot remove me from Your hand.

Even though the presence of anxiety is great, Your presence is greater.

Even though anxiety grips me tight, Your grip on me is tighter.

God, I don't know what the future holds, but You do.

Even if the worst happens I know that You will help me, comfort me, and strengthen me.

My mind is full of lies that I know aren't true but are easy to believe.

Replace these lies with Your truth.

When I hear the lie that I am unworthy, remind me that you call me Beloved.

When I hear the lie that I am unforgivable, remind me that you call me Redeemed.

God, help me to remember that anxiety is not my identity.

Who I am to You and who I am in Christ is my identity.

Anxiety may seek to control and own me, but it does not and will not.

I am yours, Oh Lord, and nothing can take my position with you away.

When the enemy berates me for being anxious, remind me of Your grace.

Remind me that I am still loved by you.

That I am not less valuable to You because I struggle with these thoughts.

That I am not a failure as a believer because of this battle with anxiety.

God, this battle with anxiety is so hard.

It is a battle I feel too weak to fight.

Thank You that you engage in this battle with me.

That You give me strength for my weakness.

Help me to lean into Your strength now, knowing that when I am weak, I am strong.

God, thank you that one day this battle with anxiety will be won.

That when your Son returns anxiety will be no more.

My mind will be at peace forever.

I can't wait for that day.

For now, I remain in this battle but with You on my side, I know I'll be okay.

May I rest right here and now in Your presence, clinging to You and Your everlasting peace.

In Jesus's name,


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