A Prayer for When the Future Is Unknown

A Prayer for When the Future Is Unknown

by: Alexa Hess




I wish I knew where You are leading me. 


I wish I knew where I am going. 


I want to see the whole picture and all that lies ahead, but I feel like I’m walking on a path covered in fog—everything is cloudy and unclear. 



Why can’t You show me what lies in front of me? 


Why can’t You clear the mist and reveal all that is in store? 



I want to trust You, but this unknown makes me feel so insecure and unstable. 


How can I possibly step forward with confidence when I can’t see what is ahead?


I confess that I want to make my own plans since I don’t know what Your plans are.


I want to pursue what is visible, certain, and secure. 



But I know that Your plans are always the best, and trying to cling to only what I can see keeps me from stepping forward into what You have for me. 


So help me to trust You. Give me faith. 


Give me the strength to keep going, even though I don’t know where I’ll end up. 


Help me remember that You will never lead me astray or set me up to fail. 



I am not in control, but You are. 


I can’t see what is ahead, but You can. 


I don’t have the whole picture, but You do. 


God, the future may be unknown to me, but it is not unknown to You. 

God knows the future | TDGC


You know exactly where You are leading me, and what You have in store is for my good and Your glory. 



So even if what is ahead is potentially hard or painful, I know that You will take care of me. 


I know that whatever You have in store is part of Your perfect plan for me. 



I know that You will give me the strength to keep stepping forward. 


But because I can’t see what all lies ahead, help me to walk with You one step at a time.


Help me to trust You one step at a time. 



God, thank You for being a Father who holds His children’s hands as He guides them. 

God holds His children’s hands | TDGC

You don’t sit back and watch as I stumble blindly into the unknown. 


You hold me by Your right hand, and You keep me steady as You walk with me. 



So when I begin to grow overwhelmed, remind me that You are with me. 


When I feel the weight of insecurity, remind me that You are my source of security. 


When I become filled with fear, remind me that You give me perfect peace. 


And when I doubt what You are doing, remind me of what You have done for me before. 



For this is not the first time that You have brought me to the precipice of the unknown. 


You have led me down many paths that were unclear, and You showed Yourself to be faithful still.



So help me to rest in Your faithfulness right here and now. 


Help me praise You for what You are doing, even if I cannot see what that is.


Help me trust in what is unseen rather than seen.


Even though this season is difficult, thank You for growing me. Thank You for increasing my faith as I step forward into the unknown. Thank You for teaching me to trust. 



And thank You that even though I can’t see what immediately is ahead, I know the end. 


I know that because of Christ, my ultimate future is with You in eternity.


Even though the immediate future is unclear and uncertain, thank You that my eternal future is clear and certain. 


God, thank You that no matter what this life holds, my future with You rests secure. 

Our future is secure in Christ | TDGC

So fix my eyes on eternity. Help me to rest in what I know is coming. 



But as I look to the hope of eternity to come, help me to trust You with the here and now. 


May the truths of who You are and what You have promised to do give me confidence as I move my feet forward. 


And as I press on into the unknown, may the truth that You hold my future in Your hands keep me walking with faith. 







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