A Prayer in the Midst of Physical Pain

A Prayer in the Midst of Physical Pain

by: Krystal Dickson

Gracious God,

You uphold the entire universe.

You are sovereign over all creation –

Over all that You so intricately designed for Your glory.

I know You created me exactly as You planned.

Right now, I struggle to see Your plan for me.

The pain continues and there is no relief.

I cry out to You but the suffering drowns out my words.

Will it ever end, Lord?

God, remind me that You are omnipotent.

As the Great Physician, You are all-powerful.

You are able to heal what is broken.

Help me to trust in Your perfect will.

I pray that you would give me a patient heart that suffers well.

That I might experience the heart of Christ in my pain.

The Suffering Servant who bore the weight of my sin.

He knew pain and anguish in ways I never will.

So that I would be spared from Your wrath.

So that I could be called righteous before a holy God.

God, remind me that You are faithful, even in the wilderness.

I know there is purpose in my pain, even if I don't always see it.

I know there is provision in my suffering, even if I don't always know it.

I confess that physical relief often sits on the throne of my heart.

Forgive me for the ways that I fix my eyes on myself rather than on You –

When I put my hope in created things, seeking the temporal over the eternal.

God, remind me that You are good, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Your presence is my greatest provision.

God, I know that You know my pain intimately.

You walk with me in it. You see me in it.

Help me find comfort in the fact that I am not my own, but belong to You alone.

God, remind me that You give good gifts to your children.

Help me see the good in my suffering.

Even if the only good is You.

My suffering deepens my awareness of eternity.

It causes my heart to long for heaven.

I rejoice in the fact that one day this pain will cease.

That all pain and suffering will come to an end.

One day, you will make all things new.

O God of restoration, what a glorious truth!

I await the day of Your return.

Help me to fix my eyes on You until then.

In the already but not yet.

Thank you for your redemption, both now and forever.

In Christ's name,


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