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"This Epistle is the chief part of the New Testament and the very purest gospel, which indeed deserves that a Christians should not only know it word for word by heart, but deal with it daily as with the daily bread of the soul, for it can never be read or considered too much or too well, and the more it is handled the more delightful it becomes and the better it tastes."- Martin Luther

The Gospel. It where all of our new lives as believers have started. With the confession that Jesus Christ was sent by the Father to live as man among us, taking upon the penalty of our sins through death on the cross, and resurrecting so that we, too, could become victors over death, we are believers in the Gospel. That's where it all begins. DG-instas-Feb11-3 And that's where Paul's letter to the Roman church begins, too. This letter is consumed by the Gospel message. Paul writes explicitly about what the Gospel is and what it compels we who believe in it to do. The Gospel touches every part of our lives, leaving nothing unchanged proceeding conversion. With as much focus that Paul had, this study is intended to point you toward the Gospel, reminding you of the position we've obtained through Christ's sacrifice and calling you forward in the action that the Gospel commands. The Gospel alters us, the Holy Spirit changes us by the power of Christ's blood. This study walks you through the book of Romans and Paul speaks to the way that the Gospel compels us to live like Christ, leaving behind our fleshly desires. In addition to printing this for women, this is our first study for men, too! We are so excited to offer this resource to men and women alike, walking forward as partners and partakers in the Gospel message. This volume is part one of two, covering chapters 1-8:17 of the book of Romans. Inside, you'll find study suggestions and a table of contents to help you along the way. The study is formatted with 5 days of study per week, and one day of weekly reflection. For each study day you will find a devotional commentary with a set of reflection questions, and at the end of the week you'll find a set of weekly reflection questions. In addition to this, there are study helps in the back of the book. DG-instas-Feb11-2 Study Helps Outline and Flow of Themes in Romans: This flow chart is designed to help you visually trace Paul's flow of thought as he wrote the book of Romans, each theme is notated by chapter/verse references. The Roman Empire Map: This map shows the reaches of the Roman empire and rule in the time of this letters' writing, along with the notation of the geographical boundaries of the empire. Word Study: This word study covers three words that are used throughout the book of Romans–sin, trespass, and justification. These word studies are aimed at communicating the nuances between each of these terms as they are used by Paul. Echoes of Israel in the Roman Church: This study help guides you through the old testament references throughout the book of Romans and details the significance of such references. Adam and Christ: This study help provides a visual chart to garner and understanding of Romans 5:12-21 as it describes what was accomplished through Adam as opposed to Jesus Christ. Glossary of Terms: This glossary takes some of the key words and themes found in the book of Romans and defines each along with a Scripture reference. DG-instas-Feb11-
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We want to invite women to join us in our conversation about our great God, and be encouraged to seek a deeper knowledge of God that leads them to live their lives for God’s glory as they grow in love and awe in response to who He is.