DG-blog-header-Dec03-01 We exist in a realm in which our minds are beckoned to focus on a million things all at once. We are caused to draw our minds to self-help books, social media feeds, Netflix, friends, family, jobs, education, and many more unenumerated distractions. Our minds are constantly wandering, and seldom rest. At The Daily Grace Co., we know how essential it is to have our minds fixed and stayed on Christ. As a result, we've curated a tool to help garner a discipline for meditating on God's Word. DG-instas-Dec03- We have an assortment of verse cards available, all of which are designed to help cause contemplation on Scripture. Our team has created them to be beautiful accoutrements in your home, office, or even stashed away in your purse. Memorization of Scripture is an important part of the Christian life. As our hearts and minds are focused on the truth of Scripture, we are malleable to the work of the Holy Spirit within us and are enabled to love God with our minds. Scripture memorization causes our hearts to dwell on the truth that the Bible presents to us, teaching us about God, His character, and His Word.These verse cards are designed to be easily accessible reminders. Whether they are conversation starters with your family, a way to focus on Scripture while you're at a bus stop, or a way to cover your home in Bible Verses, we hope that these cards help to fix your mind on things above. DG-instas-Dec03-2 Available Verse Cards: Anxiety: We have two sets of cards on the topic of anxiety. Our Comfort for the Anixious Heart card set includes bible verses on one side and prompts/prayers on the other side. Our Prayers for Anxiety cards include verses on one side, with prayers about anxiety on the reverse side. These are designed to help stay your mind on Scripture amid anxiety. Weariness: Our Prayers for the Weary Heart card set includes 12 cards, each with a verse on one side and a prayer on the other. These aim to steady your heart in times of weariness and waiting. Bible Study: Our Bible Study Cards is a set of 12 cards that give you steps and prompts when studying the Bible. Identity: Our Identity card set included 10 cards that focus on who we are in Christ. On one side you will find a descriptor of our identity in Him, and on the reverse you will find a corresponding Bible Verse. Gospel: Our The Gospel card set includes prompts and verses to help you share your faith. Each card focuses on a key component of the Gospel while the flip side give prompts and questions to ask and think on. Encouragement: Our Encouragement verse card set is comprised on 10 cards that aim to remind you of the truth about who God is and bring encouragement in your daily life. Prayer Cards: We also have many card sets specifically focused on prayer including, prayers for your husband, prayers for your marriage, prayers for your pregnancy, prayers for wives, prayers for Body image, and prayers for your children. Kids: We have five verse cards currently available that are aimed for Children. Topics include verses on the Word of God, Gospel Coversation, and the Armor of God. Each includes a verse on one side of the card with discussion questions on the back. Study Cards: Each study that is available at The Daily Grace Co. also includes a corresponding set of verse cards. Whether you have them along with the study or on their own, these are a wonderful resource for memorizing specific books/parts of the Bible. DG-instas-Dec03-3 Sarah Morrison is a staff writer for The Daily Grace Co.
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