DG-blog-header-May28-01 I heard it said once that you need not fear the future because the whole purpose of your existence is to prove the faithful character of your God. He will not let you down. He will not let you be destroyed, and He will not abandon you. Your life is living proof that He exists. Looking through scripture, we are reminded over and over again of these truths. We see the sovereign and faithful character of our God. In our own lives we have countless stories of His provision and His guidance. We've seen Him at work. So why do we doubt? Why do we question? Why do we fear? In those times when our hearts are weighed down with anxiety or our minds are full of questions wondering how this all could turn out well and where this all is headed–right then when our doubts and fears are beginning to cloud our view–we've forgotten who our God is. You see, when we have a clear view of Him and truly grasp His character, we couldn't possibly doubt. DG-instas-May28- We as Christ's followers are forgetful people. This is nothing new, but rather a struggle that has gone on in the hearts of God's people from the very beginning of time. The Israelites had a front row seat to some of the most remarkable miracles of God ever recorded. They watched as God sent plague after plague down upon Pharaoh and the Egyptians until they finally were released from their captivity. What incredible proof of God's love and desire to rescue His people! They watched as God parted a sea in order for them to escape from their enemies and then watched as He powerfully destroyed their pursuers in that very same sea that was a means of escape to them. What incredible proof of God's protection! When there wasn't any food to be found and they thought they were near death, they watched as God brought food straight from heaven for them each and every morning. What incredible proof of God's provision, and yet, how quickly they forgot. After seeing God's power on display over and over again, through each plague that was sent, they went out from Egypt with great rejoicing–until the first signs of trouble came. When the Egyptians pursued them, all remembrance of God's power was forgotten and fear replaced every trace of boldness they once possessed.

"How often they provoked Him in the wilderness,

And grieved Him in the desert!

Yes, again and again they tempted God,

And limited the Holy One of Israel.

They did not remember His power;

The day when He redeemed them from the enemy."

Psalm 78:40-42

Although they were those who saw the faithfulness of God demonstrated to them over and over again, they were a forgetful people. And because of their forgetfulness, they were a grumbling and complaining people. They were those that did not know the power of their God, and a people that did not trust the sovereign hand of their Lord. May we learn from the mistakes of the Israelites. May we not follow in their steps of disbelief and doubt. May it not be said of us that we forgot the power of our God. DG-instas-May28-2 When the Israelites stood on the banks of the Red Sea and heard the sounds of the Egyptian army approaching, there were no visible signs of escape. There was no way out from their troubles, no happy ending seemed in view. And yet, God was not limited to their human thinking and logic. I'm quite sure none of them expected the sea behind them to part in two. I'm sure none of them expected to walk between walls of water on a path of dry ground. In the same way, you may not see what God has in store for the circumstances you face. From your perspective, there might not seem to be a way of escape. Friend, don't forget. Don't forget what your God is capable of doing. Don't forget that His ways are higher. Don't forget the sovereign power of your God. And when a way out seems impossible and a happy ending unthinkable, let your heart and soul be filled with joyful expectation to see your God demonstrate His faithfulness once again.

"Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever. The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace."Exodus 14:13-14

Remember the God that fights for you today is the same God who fought for the Egyptians. His power has not changed. In the moments when you are faced with the temptation to fear or to doubt, look back at the sovereign hand of your God and stand confident in His power to transform your circumstances from ashes to beauty.

"Your way was in the sea,

Your path in the great waters,

And your footsteps were not known.

You led your people like a flock

By the hand of Moses and Aaron."

Psalm 77:19-20

DG-instas-May28-3 His ways may be through the sea, His path through great waters. His footsteps may not be known or understood, but He will faithfully lead His children as a flock and never abandon us. By Amanda Seibel Originally published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 3.
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