Instas-March6-163.jpg" alt="KS-Instas-March6-163" width="3333" height="3333"> It isn't an easy command. It is easy to give thanks when things go just as we would like, but when life hands us the opposite of what we desire, it is hard to have a heart of Thanksgiving. If you are anything like me, it is often easier to complain and feel discontent about your circumstances, than it is to be thankful. You may not understand. You may feel like you have spent so long waiting. You may be confused. You may be wondering what God's will is for you. I can tell you that right now, no matter what you are facing...His will for you is to give thanks. Give thanks right where you are for everything He has given you. Give thanks for all the times His way was so much better than your way. Give thanks for who He is.
The Daily Grace Podcast

We want to invite women to join us in our conversation about our great God, and be encouraged to seek a deeper knowledge of God that leads them to live their lives for God’s glory as they grow in love and awe in response to who He is.