DG-blog-header-hymns-01 There is a reason that we learn the alphabet by song when we're children, or why many who grow up in church have early memories of being taught the song, "Jesus Loves me." Music allows us to remember things, accessing information in our memory quickly and easily. We often teach and are taught through song because it helps the information stick in our brains. God created us with the unique faculty. One of the primary ways in which we as believers worship the Lord is through the singing of songs. We often rely on music to lift our spirits when we're downcast and learning Scriptural truth through song enables us to remember and recall truth more easily. This is why the music we listen to plays such an important role in our formation: if we're listening to something that's true, we will recall what is true, even in our most desperate times. Music soothes our souls in a unique way while also being a sacrifice of praise to God. We sing because it comforts us, moreover we sing because it pleases God. God delights in hearing us recite the truth about who He is and what He has done for us. We sing to revive our own hearts, but we also sing because it pleases God to hear that we know, truly know, Him. DG-instas-Nov05- Singing is a part of our heritage as Christians. Moses (Psalm 90), David (73 of the Psalms), Deborah (Judges 5), and so many others wrote and sang songs that we see in Scripture today. It is, and has always been, a crucial part of our relationships with God. We have the Psalms which were traditionally sung as a congregation until the popularization of hymns during the Reformation. Now, we have thousands upon thousands of songs in our arsenal, some of which have been left behind through the passage of time. This two-volume study on classic hymns seeks to keep the memory of our heritage-music alive. One gift that we are given when we examine these hymns is the story that formed both them and their authors. These hymns have withstood the test of time, in part, because of the magnificent testimonies that have been given to the authors. Through the studying of these hymns, we are able to watch the hand of God fervently at work through time on behalf of man so that His glory is made known. DG-instas-Nov05-2 Another gift that we are given when we look more closely at these hymns is the Scripture-rich basis on which they were penned. Each hymn that is given focus in this study has roots that reach deeply into the Word of God, and when we pore over that Scripture the hymn becomes a tool that recites truth to our minds. Both volumes of this study hone-in on specific hymns, speaking of their background and authorship as well as the Scripture that inspired them. These studies have daily reflection questions that help to draw your mind toward reflection on Scripture. Also included are weekly reflection questions that seek to steer your mind in reflection on what was learned throughout the week. Volume 1 has a total of 19 hymns including (but not limited to) How Great Thou Art, Jesus Loves Me, and Blessed Assurance. Volume 2 has a total of 18 hymns including (but not limited to) Holy, Holy, Holy, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, and Leaning on the Everlasting Arms. DG-instas-Nov05-3 Sarah Morrison is a staff writer for The Daily Grace Co.
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