It has been about three years since the Lord really transformed my heart, and gave me a passion for His Word. Through these past three years I have gone through many seasons, and my time in God's Word has changed throughout each season. We use a lot of excuses about why we don't read Scripture, I know that I did for a long time. I have found that reading God's Word can be accomplished no matter what season we are in, but it may look different in different seasons of life. There may be certain seasons where we have to be flexible and give ourselves grace when spending time in the Word doesn't look like an instagram moment. 12080416_1043815249004766_1792881544_n Here are some tips for getting in the Word no matter what season of life you are in. 1. Think through your day realistically, and decide on a time that works best for your to be in the Word...and then be flexible. It is important to be realistic when planing when to have your quiet time. If your children wake up at 5am, it probably won't be practical to get up and spend time in Scripture before they wake up. And if you are ready to fall asleep after dinner, an evening quiet time is probably not for you. Don't feel the need to structure your day and quiet time the way that others do. This will probably just end up in frustration, and a plan that doesn't actually work. Think through your day and be realistic. 2. Evaluate your most common distractions, and then come up with a plan of attack to combat them. What distracts you while you are trying to get in the Word? Identify the things that are distractions and find a way to combat them. If your phone is a distraction...put it in another room. If email is a distraction, shut down your computer. If things pop in your mind to distract you...keep your planner or notepad close by to jot things down so you can focus. 12145230_811987505566665_717257832_n 3. Keep your Bible and other resources in the place that you will use them. In busy seasons, it can be hard to have quiet time, and you may have just a few minutes. I have found that having things set out and ready to go helps a ton. I like to keep my Bible, Be Still Journal, pens/highlighters, and any other resources I am using on a tray that I can easily move to the place I have my quiet time. This way, when I am ready, I don't have to go hunting down the things that I need, and I can dig into the Word when I have the opportunity. 4. Don't worry if your quiet time doesn't look like you think it should. Your quiet time might not include a cup of coffee, a candle, and fresh flowers...and that is ok. Your quiet time may take place in the carpool line, on your lunch break, or at the kitchen island while your children eat breakfast. Spending time with the Lord is more important than having your quiet time look just right. 12145171_531434947011985_1647389598_n
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