The Rock Holds onto Me: A Poem About Clinging to Truth Amidst Trial

The Rock Holds onto Me: A Poem About Clinging to Truth Amidst Trial

by: Katie Davidson

Have you ever felt battered under wave after wave of hardship? Sometimes struggles in our lives can feel never-ending. In these moments, we may wonder, “where is God?” or “why is God allowing this?” In the moments where God feels far away, we can recall truth that we find in Scripture, that God is unchanging: that He is sovereign, that He is merciful, and that He is loving. Turning our hearts toward God in hardships allows us to lean upon His strength instead of our own. This poem is about turning to God’s character to find strength to persevere.


The Rock Holds Onto Me

Inspired by Psalm 143


“I might just lose my grip this time.”

I said, upon my cliff-side climb

Craggy rocks and crashing waves

Beat and pound and bruise.


Safety elusive

Panicked thoughts intrusive. 

Darkened sky, booming lies

The breakers bellow over

And over.

And over. 

My strength is waning.

My body complaining

I must admit, 

I am tired.  


Does my God hear me

Over the sounds

Of roaring waters?

Is my voice drowned

By the chaos?


Rubble begins to roll

Fingers slip, toes lose grip

Bones are aching,

Will is breaking. 

I cannot hold on much longer, God. 


Waves keep crashing

Blow after blow.

Rhythmically, relentlessly.

Forcefully, ferociously. 


Is this my end?

I need you God.

I need you now.

Rescue me. Release me. 

Return me to dry ground. 


I am weak.


I call to memory a truth

Bigger than the danger I face

Mightier than the waves below

Truth that beats louder, pounds harder

And crashes against Creation 

in unending love.


God, You are holy.

Hallowed, pristine and pure.

Compared to Your glory 

My best needs are dross—worthless

Yet You call me Your child.


My grip tightens.


God, you are good.

You’ve carried me this far,

In grace and gentle compassion,

I am who I am 

because You are.

God is good and carries us | TDGC

My feet are steadied.


God, You are merciful.

Though I squandered my inheritance 

And ran far from home

You welcomed me

With open arms. 


Slowly I climb.


God, You are near. 

Closer than the breath

In these tired lungs. 

You do not leave

Nor forsake Your own.


Higher and higher.


God, You are sovereign. 

Creation is but clay in Your hands.

No tide can turn without Your approval

No boulder will budge 

without Your blessing.




Safety nearing.

Doubts are clearing.

I remember. Yes, I remember. 

Your grace steadies my mind

Your faithfulness calms my heart

Your love propels me onward.

God’s love propels us onward | TDGC

Though the winds howl

And the rocks tumble

And the waves break

The winds are but whispers to You.

The rocks are but pebbles in Your hand.

The waves are but ripples in Your eyes.

My strength is not in willpower

In muscle or in grit

My strength is found in You alone

My Sustainer, my Deliverer, my Friend. 

My strength is not in willpower, it is in God | TDGC

After all, it is not I who

Holds onto the rock

But the Rock who

Holds onto me.


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