Mistakes We’ve Made in Bible Study: Spiritual Self Help | Ep. 242

Mistakes We’ve Made in Bible Study: Spiritual Self Help | Ep. 242

What does it mean to read the Bible as spiritual self-help and why is it a mistake? When we read the Bible as spiritual self-help, then we approach it as a tool that helps us become a better version of ourselves rather than as the Word of God that should completely transform our lives. We chat all about how to spot when you’re making this mistake and how to avoid it in this episode! We hope you’ll listen in and learn from our mistakes!
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Time Stamps:

:36 - Favorite Things
2:29 - What does it mean to read the Bible as spiritual self-help?
5:35 - The difference between reading the Bible as self-help and reading it as the Word of God
10:26 - How to not read the Bible as spiritual self-help

Favorite Thing:

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