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Redeeming Your Phone Time

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Redeeming Your Phone Time

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Technology surrounds us. Whether through our smartphones, smartwatches, or computers, we have unlimited information accessible to us every day. The world is literally at our fingertips, with new content being produced each second. But how should Christians engage with technology? Is there a way to use our phones without becoming addicted to them? Is there a way to honor God with our screen time and phone habits? 

This booklet points to the transforming power of the gospel in all areas of our lives, including our phone time. It provides practical help, tips, workbook pages, and encouragement for how to honor God with our phones. In a society where we spend hours on our phones each day, become equipped and feel challenged to redeem your phone time through this booklet. Grow in the fruits of the spirit, in wisdom, and humility as you seek to honor God with your phone each day. 

This booklet is 156 pages long and measures approximately 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

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Customer Reviews

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Lora N.
Beautiful challenge

I've just started Reading this Bible study but it's already been so good and challenging... It's a very important topic of where our priorities and focus really is. What a sad existence to fritter our lives away on our phones. I hope that many more can use this resource and be challenged and helped to think about the use of time.

lauren m.
Great study for college team!

I bought this booklet as a team study for my college athletic team. It was well received, and is a great combination of Biblical perspective and practical tips to truly redeem your phone time!

Amaree H.

I love this devotional! I got it because I can fall into the bad habit of mindlessly scrolling on my phone. I have five more days left of the study, and it has helped me so much!! I am now more intentional with my phone usage and have seen my screen time decrease :)

Redeeming Your Phone Time - Practical and Reflective

I love all the resources from TDGC but this one stands out to me for its practical and reflective practice activities and questions. Like all other resources, the Gospel is front and center as it helps readers to think practically about how you use and view your phone. Highly recommend!

Jessie R.

so helpful!