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Psalms Bundle

Seek | Psalms 61-90

Wait | Psalms 31-60

Delight | Psalms 1-30

Psalms Bundle

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Psalms Bundle

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This set of three studies in our Walk Through the Psalms series includes:

Delight (Psalms 1-30):

Delight is a 6-week study of the first 30 Psalms. It takes an in-depth look at the character of God and His faithfulness and goodness to His people through every circumstance of life. It reminds us that no matter what we face, we can trust Him.

Wait (Psalms 31-60): 

Wait is a study that takes an in-depth look at Psalms 31-60. The study focuses on the character of God that is revealed in the Psalms, and it encourages us to trust Him through seasons of waiting and suffering. This study is for anyone who wants to know more of who God is and see how who God is changes the way that we should live as His people.

Seek (Psalms 61-90): 

This is a 6-week study of Psalms 61-90. This study looks closely at 30 psalms that remind us to worship and call us to draw near to God because He has drawn near to us. These psalms encourage us in seasons of waiting and remind us to look to Jesus. They remind us that God is near to His people no matter what they are facing.

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Customer Reviews

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Kasi O.
Perfect addition

Psalms is so beautiful and I can't wait to dive into a deeper understanding of the scriptures throughout!

Anya F.
Psalms bundle

I can’t wait to dive into Psalms come the first of the year!

Loving it!

Love this bundle! Really enjoy how deep and encouraging this devotionals are!

Really Powerful and Great at Making Me Think

I have been working through these three books, currently in the middle of the second one, and I truly have grown to love the Psalms. I love that these books relate Psalms to other passages in the Bible. Proving the Bible with the Bible. They are wonderfully written and ask great thought provoking questions.
I don't love the weekly reviews, but I am trying to work through them in a way that works best for me.
Also, I don't love the material of the paper because it "writes through" to the other side of the page and sometimes onto another page. I can just see the underlining or markings I've made. (I'm not a heavy handed writer.)

I can't wait for the rest of the chapters to come out in books!

Love the content just wish the text color wasn’t white

The study is well written, I love the explanation in the front on how to get the most out of the study. The text can be hard to read if you’re not in a perfectly light room.