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Attributes of God Verse Card Set - Kids

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Attributes of God Verse Card Set - Kids

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This is a set of 20 cards. The set includes 19 attributes of God with definitions and Scripture passages to go along with them. These are great for meditating on or using in Bible study as you think about what any passage teaches you about who God is.

This set coordinates with the adult set, but has simplified definitions for kids.

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Customer Reviews

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London S.
Perfect for Homeschool

We begin each day talking about the Lord and His Word, so these are convenient for going over His beautiful attributes with simplicity.

Marley M.
Attributes of God

The cards were perfect for what I was looking for! They were clear and had great verses and attributes to align with God's Word.

Quality Resource!

I was truly impressed when I received these little flash cards. I would be happy to use them myself but am also planning to use them with my daughter. The quality of the printing and thickness of the cards make these a great purchase for years to come.

Sydney Q.
Wonderful Resource

We use these in our homeschool (along with the A to Z Promises of God) - they are fantastic visuals for kids to recall deep and important truths for even the youngest of ages!

Heather H.
Great discipleship tool!!

We love our verse cards! We have the Attributes of God, Fruit of the Spirit, and big truths for little hearts, and we pull from each nightly for our evening routine with our daughter. These are wonderful tools to start our littles young hiding the word of God in their hearts!