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The Fruit of the Spirit Board Book

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The Fruit of the Spirit Board Book

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This adorable board book guides parents and children through the fruit of the Spirit. The book provides Scripture, definitions, and encouragement for families to walk in the fruit of the Spirit. There is even a fun matching game in the back of the book.

This board book measures 7”x7”, making it great for learning at home or fitting easily into a diaper bag for on-the-go!

Special Note:

• Cards sold separately. Fruit of the Spirit Verse Card Set- Kids

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Cute & Indestructible

I adore cardboard books because I know they are safe in the hands of my 3 young children. The illustrations are colorful and bright helping to keep their attention.

Courtney A.
Fun and helpful read!

My 3 year old has loved this book since she was 2! The pictures are beautifully colorful and fun. The pages are a little wordy - not as simple as what we are used to for a board book. However, that makes it kind of a "grow with me" type book - I just read more of the pages as she gets older and has a longer attention span and understanding. I do wish that the fruits were in order on the last page to match the "fruit of the spirit" verse and song as we sing the song at the end. No biggie though! Overall, love it!

Love it!

My son knew his fruits of the spirit at 18 months old because of this book. Such a treasure!

Georgene D.
Great Books

At my daughter’s request, I ordered the Fruits of the Spirit Board Book for my grandson. I received it and absolutely love how these truths are presented to the children. I also ordered The Attributes of God Board book! These will be so helpful in helping my grandson learn about what a mighty God we serve!

Erin M.
love this book

I love reading this book with my toddler - it is on her level but still teaching her biblical principles.