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Journey to Freedom | The Life of Moses - Men

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Journey to Freedom | The Life of Moses - Men

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This is a seven-week study designed to teach on the gospel of Jesus Christ through retelling the life of Moses. This study recounts biblical narrative in Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy to show how Moses, the tabernacle, and the wilderness journey were pictures of the promises fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Journey to Freedom takes an in-depth look at typology, a concept that identifies people, events and objects as forerunners of the final saving work of God’s Son.

Topics Covered: God's plan of redemption, Egypt, slavery to sin, covenant, promises, freedom from sin, the Promised Land, the tabernacle, the wilderness journey, the law, Jesus as Mediator
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Customer Reviews

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Kristina L.
Moses Study

I'm very excited to do the study on the life of Moses! I think there will be a lot of great lessons to be learned.

Amiracle Z.
Life of Moses

An interesting study on Moses and how he had similarities with Jesus.


This bible study is very beautiful, and easy to follow! The pages are semi-glossy and a little difficult to write on. However, if you use a pen that does not have too much extra ink it will write nicely.

Jenny M.
Thought provoking

Made me slow down and really think what Moses went through trying to lead this huge group of people through the wilderness and keep them from going astray from God. I am going to have to get this again and get some of my friends to do it with me next time.

Natalie S.
Incredible resource!

So thankful for all of the DGC resources! They are all beneficial in my walk with the Lord. This is a great study as I delve into Exodus.