This life is full of so much joy and so much sorrow, and sometimes it just doesn't feel like it makes sense. Sometimes we don't understand...and honestly...we probably never will. I have been reading in Philippians and have been so amazed at Paul's attitude through suffering. No matter what he faced he pointed other to the gospel and told others of the fact that we know that our God is good. In the good times and in the hard times, I have to run back to the truth of who I know God is...HE IS GOOD

When I see Sophia's beautiful picture and smile...God is Good When I lay in bed at night and the tears won't stop...God is Good When I play with Stella and laugh uncontrollably...God is Good When I long to laugh with both of my little girls...God is Good When I cuddle up with Stella on our bed...God is Good When I see the empty spot in my room for the bassinet...God is Good DSC_1480
The Daily Grace Podcast

We want to invite women to join us in our conversation about our great God, and be encouraged to seek a deeper knowledge of God that leads them to live their lives for God’s glory as they grow in love and awe in response to who He is.