God is Creating in Our Waiting

God is Creating in Our Waiting

Well into my first pregnancy, I am astounded by the work that is happening inside of me and despite me. Here I am, daily awaiting the arrival of our little girl, and God is hard at work shaping her tiny body, crafting each finger and strand of hair, creating her eye color, her vital organs, and her personality. She is fully known by God in every way, and her life is sustained sheerly by His power and will. It is truly a miraculous occurrence. This life is made and sustained by God. Even in my greatest efforts, I am only a vessel for the life He is actively creating inside of me. I am waiting, but God is creating.

Understanding God at work in my pregnancy can seem simpler than other life circumstances. I can see her through an ultrasound and feel her mighty kicks. Even though I cannot hold her in my arms, I am given glimpses of what God is doing. I'm given a window into His work. How often do we find ourselves in a season of waiting where we can't see God at work? Maybe we have long been single, waiting to meet a potential spouse. Maybe we have fought through years of infertility, hoping for the news of a positive pregnancy test. Maybe we await the mending of a broken relationship that seems bleak and impossible. Maybe we are fighting anxiety and depression, wishing for a day we see and feel life differently. We might even be walking through a season that feels like it is taking everything from us and giving us nothing in return. No matter the waiting we find ourselves presently in, we can be assured that God is actively and presently at work. Even if no answers present themselves, no outcomes arise, and nothing seems to progress...there is One who sees all, knows all, and is in all, giving us greater hope for what He is doing behind the scenes.

The Bible tells us that "all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to His purposes" (Romans 8:28). This verse has at times been misinterpreted to mean that if we love God, He will give us all the good things we desire. However, that is not what this passage is about. The importance of this passage is that God is working all things. He is not a distant God on the sidelines watching our lives unfold and intervening only when He deems fit. He is working, He is active, He is creating, He is moving, and He is making. Whether good and gracious gifts or unwelcome trials, everything is used by God. Every part of our lives is used by Him according to His purposes, according to His greater story. Even as we walk through circumstances that leave us wondering how the story will end, we can trust wholeheartedly in the author and Creator of our story.

As we walk through seasons of waiting, we may find ourselves counting the days or the years. We can easily find ourselves looking toward the end of our seasons and awaiting that arrival. But there is something beautiful to be witnessed in the midst of our waiting–God at work. What is He teaching us about Himself? What are we learning about ourselves that only this season could have allowed us to see? What truths can we cling to as a reminder of God's continual work in our waiting? Whether our seasons of waiting are full of joy, triumph, doubt, or pain, may we seek out every opportunity to lean in and learn, truly searching for a way to witness God working all things together as He creates in our waiting.

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