Mother's Day Buying Guide

Mother's Day Buying Guide

Mother's Day is right around the corner, so we asked a few staff members from the Daily Grace Co. to share some of their favorite items to give to the moms in their life. Below you will find various gifting ideas, from tea towels to journals to jewelry. Buy them for your mom or a friend, or send this guide to someone to give them ideas for what you would like for Mother's Day.

We also recognize that Mother's Day can bring up a lot of feelings. For some, it can be a very painful holiday for various reasons. Perhaps, you have an estranged relationship with your mom, or your mom passed away. Others may be struggling with infertility or a recent miscarriage. In all these circumstances, God sees you and holds you in your pain.

Mother's Day Gift Guide:

Product Recommendation: 5 Solas Tea Towel

Why I Like to Gift This: Great conversations always happen in the kitchen as moms model hospitality. I love to give this to other moms (including my own) to have God's truth close by as we spend time together. – Lindsey Master, Staff Writer

Product Recommendation: New Morning New Mercies Black Verona Mug

Why I Like to Gift This: Many mothers start their days early, whether preparing their children for school or getting a head start on household chores. In the midst of tasks that are done before dawn, this mug reminds mothers to dedicate their mornings to Jesus, whose nearness and compassion carries them. – Kyra Daniels, Staff Writer

Product Recommendation: Delight in Jesus Mug

Why I Like to Gift This: Whether I'm working, hosting friends, doing laundry, or taking a rare moment to relax with my cup of coffee, this mug reminds me that my soul delights in Jesus alone. Each sip provides a gentle prompt to turn my heart back to Jesus in the midst of a busy or difficult day. I love gifting this mug to moms for that very reason. All our delight is in Him! – Tiffany Dickerson, Staff Writer

Product Recommendation: The Gospel Changes Everything Sweatshirt

Why I Like to Gift This: I live in this sweatshirt and love to gift it to fellow mom friends! It's incredibly cozy, and most importantly, points me to the gospel's transforming power in my life– even in everyday mom tasks. Doing the dishes, changing a diaper, wiping tears, playing silly games–all find redemption in Jesus. This sweatshirt is a beautiful reminder to align my day with what my heart knows to be true! – Katie Davidson, Customer Care Specialist and Staff Writer

Product Recommendation: Praying Scripture for Motherhood

Why I Like to Gift This: This is my go-to gift for moms with kids of all ages. The beauty of motherhood is a great joy, and at the same time, the responsibility of shepherding little hearts can feel overwhelming at times. But thankfully, we do not parent alone. God goes before our children, and He is the One who transforms hearts. He calls us to bring all our requests before Him in prayer, and He listens to our every word. This journal helps moms realign our hearts with our heavenly Father and equips us with one of the greatest privileges of all: the ability to pray for our children. – Kristyn Perez, Staff Writer

Product Recommendation: The Promises of God Coffee Table Book

Why I Like to Gift This: Motherhood is a gift, but being a parent comes with its difficulties. The Promises of God Coffee Table Book is an incredible comfort to mothers as it encourages them with what God promises to be true through His Word. This book lifts hearts on weary days and fosters hope when troubles come. Regardless of the season of motherhood, this book helps moms remember and rest in God's promises that remain unchanging. – Alexa Hess, Staff Writer

Product Recommendation: Hymns for a Mother's Heart

Why I Like to Gift This: I always gift this booklet to each one of my friends and family members as they step into new seasons of motherhood. I love the truths and reminders that fill its pages, pointing back to Scripture and the truths of God's Word through a series of 21 hymns. Each section includes sweet encouragement for both days filled with tears and days filled with joy, as well as prayers and space for reflection. – Alli McDougal, Managing Editor

Product Recommendation: Floral Pen Set and Be Still Floral Journal

Why I Like to Gift This: Many mothers struggle to find the time to pause and reflect. I love gifting these two items together because they are not only beautiful and practical, but also encourage weary mothers to take a moment to connect with the Lord in prayer. – Shelby Turner, Content Manager

Product Recommendation: Planted necklace

Why I Like to Gift This: As busy moms, we need constant reminders of God's faithfulness in our lives. I love this necklace because its leaf design is meant to reflect the truths of Psalm 1:3–that we bear fruit when we root ourselves, not in our own strength or abilities as moms, but in God and His Word. – Krystal Dickson, Staff Writer

Product Recommendation: Pastel Bible Highlighters

Why I Like to Gift This: As mothers, the most important thing we can do is study God's Word. Spending time with God will draw us close to Him and enable us in all aspects of life. These Pastel Bible Highlighters are perfect for active Bible reading and to highlight verses that stand out or that you would like to meditate on. – Jennie Heideman, Staff Editor

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