For some reason, being busy is the in thing these days. Your success is often judged by how much you do. As women, we chat about other women, and we make comments like "how does she do it?", and "she has so much on her plate". We make those comments like it is a good thing, but is it? We post pictures on instagram and Facebook of our busy, edited lives...but not so much of the quiet moments. For some reason we think that we are successful women, Christians, business women, bloggers, moms, and the list goes on, if we are running around non stop, so overwhelmed with a million things on our plate. But are we doing what matters well, or are we just doing a lot of stuff? There are so many choices that we are faced with daily, and the best choice is not to choose it all, but to choose the best things. We must choose the things that God has called us to do and leave the rest behind. My relationship with God, my marriage and being a mama are the most important things to me, I must think about how every decision, or new activity will affect these things. I have lots of other things to think about, but when these things are in order everything else will fall into place. I found this quote a few years ago, and it is just so good. What are your priorities and are you making those things happen, or doing lots of things that keep you busy, but don't really matter?
thesecrettodoingitallThis is reposted from a blog post written in 2013.
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