I have been thinking a lot lately about our hope, and the fact that apart from Christ we don't have hope...but in Him, we can hope continually. Because of this great hope that we have in Him we must praise Him. It has been a hard first half of the year, and we have faced things we never imagined we would face, and yet we keep coming back to this truth. God is so good, and we have so much Hope. This life is not always easy, there will be hurt, suffering , and tears. But, our God is Faithful, and in Him we have Hope, we have a future...we have Him. Click here to get the full size image and then save to your phone as a lock screen to remind you of the hope that we have and the privilege that we have to praise Him. hopelockscreen4
The Daily Grace Podcast

We want to invite women to join us in our conversation about our great God, and be encouraged to seek a deeper knowledge of God that leads them to live their lives for God’s glory as they grow in love and awe in response to who He is.