Summer Product Line 2014-6 I wasn't always a morning person, but somehow over the last two years I have changed that...and now the morning is my favorite time of the day. I mentioned yesterday that 2013 was a big year for was the year that I decided to really make time for the things that matter. For me the first thing I wanted to do was to have consistent time in Scripture. I had struggled for years to have a routine of being in Scripture. I would do good for months and then I would get off track. Then I would be consistent for a week or so, and miss a few days. So becoming a morning person was a conscious choice, and then I grew to love it. Now mornings are my absolute favorite part of the day. My morning provides a good foundation and a fresh start for my day. I am super lucky that Stella is not a morning person, so I usually am able to get a good head start on my day before she wakes up...and I don't have to start at 5am. Things have been a little different the past few weeks as we are adjusting our routines to a new city and a new season of life, but here is the basic routine that I have been using over the past two years. I usually wake up around 7am. I don't usually set an alarm though, so the time can vary from day to day. I like to grab my Bible and my journal right away. I am usually studying through a book of the Bible, so I just pick up where I left off the day before. I read until I am full, and then journal about the passage. Then I try to spend some time in prayer, and getting organized with my planner for what is ahead for the day. If I still have a bit of time, I try to spend a few minutes reading whatever book I am currently reading. Some mornings Stella stays asleep for my whole routine. Most mornings, she wakes up right in the middle of it. For me, that is ok! Sometimes it means I have to be a bit more flexible, like taking a break while I get her breakfast, or put a movie on for her. Sometimes it means moving to the front porch or kitchen table. I always try to keep going though. I think it is a good thing for our kids to see us in the Word. Stella is great about occupying herself quietly most days, and sometimes if Jeremy is home, he will take her to let me have a bit more time in The Word. Becoming a morning person has been a mixture of being very intentional about my time in the mornings, and giving myself lots of grace...because some mornings things just don't work as smoothly as I would like. But, I have realized the more that I have implemented a morning routine that it becomes just that...more and more routine each day. The more I do it, the less days I face distractions. I would love to hear about your morning routine, and how you keep your day organized! Bible-56
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