Can People Really Change? | Ep. 143

Can People Really Change? | Ep. 143

Episode 143

Can people really change? From little quirks to deep-seated issues, we’re asking the question that many of us may have asked in secret: is it possible for someone to truly change? Maybe we’ve asked it of ourselves. We keep doing the same thing (that we don’t want to do), over and over again. We may think to ourselves, “I’m not sure if I can ever grow out of that and change for the better.” It’s easy to feel frustrated with ourselves and with those around us. The gospel answers this question directly. The gospel is the good news that through the person and work of Jesus Christ, children of wrath are transformed to become children of God. This regeneration is the ultimate change. It’s hearts of stone being changed to hearts of flesh. It’s the spiritually dead becoming spiritually alive. But what happens afterward? Why do we, believers, still ask this question of ourselves and those around us? We worked through this question and topic in this week’s episode. Come join us!

  • The big question: “Can people really change?”
  • Change is possible, but sanctification is slow.
  • True heart change is only possible if you’re in Christ.
  • Sin is powerful.
  • We can’t change on our own, but what can we do?
    1. Preach the gospel to yourself and others.
    2. Combat forgetfulness by cultivating this intimacy with Jesus.
    3. Surrender your sin struggles to the Lord. Release your grip on willpower.
    4. Partnering with the Spirit in the work of sanctification.
    5. Remember common grace.
    6. Walk by the Spirit daily.
    7. Lean into community.
  • How do we engage with others on this journey?
    1. Extend grace.
    2. Surrender your personal desires for that person.
    3. Hold fast to hope for them.
    4. Speak truth over them and encourage them.
    5. Pray for them!

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