God's Design for Marriage w/ Sam Allberry | Ep. 289

God's Design for Marriage w/ Sam Allberry | Ep. 289

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Marriage and sexuality are hot button topics in today’s society. How do we navigate a faithful, biblical ethic when it comes to these areas? And for those of us who are parents, how do we teach these truths to our children?

 God's Design for Marriage w/ Sam Allberry | TDGC

Sam Allberry joined us for this important conversation to help us better understand God’s design for marriage. Sam is a pastor and the author of Is God Anti-Gay?; What God Has to Say About Our Bodies; and the children’s book God’s Signpost: How Marriage Points Us to God’s Love. And Sam’s newest book is a book for children called God’s Go-Togethers. If you have ever struggled to have informed conversations around the topic of biblical marriage, then join us for this conversation with Sam!



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