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Scented Bible Highlighter Set

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Scented Bible Highlighter Set

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We created the Scented Bible Highlighter Set to be the perfect aid during your time in the Word, not only to help you highlight words but to point you back to Jesus every step of the way! 

These 6 vibrant gel highlighters were intentionally designed not to bleed through even the thinnest Bible pages.

Use these highlighters for marking text in your Bible, taking notes in a book, or simply adding color to a sweet note to a friend.

Scents of the highlighters:
Green - Apple Scent
Pink - Strawberry Scent
Purple - Grape Scent
Yellow - Banana Scent
Blue - Litchi Scent
Orange - Orange Scent

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Customer Reviews

Based on 594 reviews
Really great!

They don't bleed through thin bible pages, and they are super cute. Color coding helps me a lot with really getting into a bible study.

These Are Pretty Cool!

I’ve never used crayon-like highlighters before but these are very neat to use. They are very smooth when applying to paper and they don’t smear. The colors are translucent enough to see the words underneath. Will definitely buy these again!

Ivanna B.
great scents

Love the vibrant colors on these. They don't bleed as they aren't wet highlighters.
The colors are great for highlighting system for studying. Great for on the go highlighting while reading as they won't stain your books or bag. The scents were good too - they aren't overwhelming and smell fruity.
Will definitely buy a 2nd set once I run out

Charles J.H.
Wow, a choice of colors.

I am very pleased with my highlighters. It is wonderful to have choices in this pack and they do not bleed through the paper. My surprise was that these highlighters were actually like wax crayons and you feed the tip to replace what you use. This is a PLUS. Regular highlighters will dry out as you use them and this type shouldn't. My disappointment was that I was unable to detect a fragrance.
The colors are also wonderful.
A great product deserving the 5 star rating
🌟 ⭐ 🌟 ⭐ 🌟.

Jessica W.
Un-Scented but Colorful!

I really like the beautiful colors and how smooth and smudge-proof these are. The "but" is the scents are extremely faint if not just missing altogether. Not necessarily a deal breaker because they are the quality I was expecting and I love the words on each one; I am just a bit sad they don't smell like I was anticipating. Overall, though, I'm very happy with these highlighters.