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Welcome to week 2!

    Week 2 Checklist

  • Watch Week 2 Video
  • Share what I learned from Week 1 in the Collective Facebook Page.
  • Read Matthew 6-10.
  • Read study commentary and answer study questions in the Behold study series (if applicable).
  • Listen to A Year in the Bible with Daily Grace, Season 3, Week 2 episodes
  • Share a photo of your Bible study routine on Instagram with #dayintheBible and tag @dailygracepodcast!

Behold Vol 1, Week 2

Can you believe we are already in Week 2 of our reading plan? Tune in to this week’s video as Kristin shares some themes to be on the lookout for as we dive into Matthew 6-10 and some prayer prompts to help prepare your heart for study.

Behold | A Study of the New Testament Studies
Free Behold Reading Plan

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