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A community of women who encourage one another to know and love God and His Word.

Welcome to Vol. 2  Week 18

    Week 18 Checklist

  • Watch Week 18 Video
  • Share what I learned from Week 18 in the Collective Facebook Page.
  • Read John 18-21, Acts 1
  • Read study commentary and answer study questions in the Behold study series (if applicable)
  • Listen to A Year in the Bible with Daily Grace, Season 3, Week 18 episodes
  • Watch the “What You Need To Know About Acts” video in the DG Collective Library!
  • Leave a review of A Year in The Bible with Daily Grace on Apple Podcasts!
  • Share a photo of your Bible study routine on Instagram with #dayintheBible and tag @dailygracepodcast!

Behold Vol 2, Week 18

This week we wrap up the Gospels! Check out this week’s video as Katie prepares us to wrap up the Gospel of John. This week begins with Jesus’s arrest and will take us through His crucifixion and ascension, including many details of Jesus appearing to the disciples after He rose from the dead. As a teaser, we will even see Jesus eat a seaside breakfast with His disciples in John 21. We have a great week ahead in God’s Word, friends!

Behold Volume 2 Reading Checklist
Watch What You Need To Know About The Gospel of John
Behold | A Study of the New Testament Studies
A Year In The Bible with Daily Grace Podcast (Apple Podcasts)
A Year In The Bible with Daily Grace Podcast (Spotify)
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