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A community of women who encourage one another to know and love God and His Word.

Welcome to the Free From Shame study!

What do we do when our mind is fixated on our failures and flaws? How can we move past hurtful words and actions in our past? Is there good news for the person who has been rejected, overlooked, and ostracized? Yes! The gospel of grace redeems our past and our pain, and it frees us from shame.

    Free From Shame will:

  • Help you see how guilt and shame are impacting your everyday life
  • Explain how shame stems from sin, whether that is sin you have committed or sin that has been committed against you
  • Point you to the truth of how the gospel frees you from condemnation and fixation on your past hurts and failures
  • Show you how God graciously loved, forgave, and befriended broken and blameworthy people throughout Scripture
  • Give you hope that through Jesus, you can be free from shame and live as one who is loved, chosen, and redeemed

Let’s get started!

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