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A community of women who encourage one another to know and love God and His Word.

Welcome to the Grace in Chaos | Biblical Hope for the Hard Days of Motherhood Leader Kit

For many women, motherhood feels like simultaneously the greatest responsibility in the world and the most difficult one. Thankfully, we do not walk alone. God is with us in our motherhood—gently strengthening, helping, and restoring us. He is tender and compassionate with us on our hard days of mothering, our very present help in every season.

    This group leader guide will:

  • Remind you of the nearness of Jesus, even on the hard days.
  • Strengthen you with a biblical, gospel-centered vision of motherhood.
  • Equip you with God’s Word for the days you experience difficult emotions, such as anxiety, loneliness, and discontentment.
  • Encourage you with the truth that God sees you and sustains you in every season of motherhood.

Let’s get started!

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