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Welcome to week 11!

    Week 11 Checklist

  • Watch Week 11 Video
  • Share what I learned from Week 11 in the Collective Facebook Page.
  • Read Luke 7-11.
  • Read study commentary and answer study questions in the Behold study series (if applicable).
  • Listen to A Year in the Bible with Daily Grace, Season 3, Week 11 episodes
  • Leave a review of A Year in The Bible with Daily Grace on Apple Podcasts!
  • Share a photo of your Bible study routine on Instagram with #dayintheBible and tag @dailygracepodcast!

Behold Vol 1, Week 11

We are back for another week in the gospels! This week we are studying Luke 7-11 together. Tune into this week’s video, as Kristin prepares us for the week ahead. She will discuss a few themes that show up this week, particularly trust and belief. And we will get to read several interactions between Jesus and women. All the while, we will behold Jesus as the One whom we can trust, who is our Cornerstone upon whom we can build our lives. We are excited for another week of Bible study with you!

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