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A community of women who encourage one another to know and love God and His Word.

Welcome to Total Surrender: Trusting God and Releasing Control!

Our lives are filled with decisions, troubles, obstacles, and more. It can be easy to want to control all of our circumstances and the people around us so that things can go our way. But trying to seize control of our lives only leads to hurt and anxiety. How can we surrender control to the Lord? How can we trust in Him when things happen to us that are beyond our control?

    Total Surrender | Trusting God and Releasing Control is a free 1-week study  that will:

  • Teach you to surrender control to the Lord.
  • Encourage you to yield to God’s ways and will.
  • Help you trust God with your life and circumstances.
  • Lead you to a deeper dependence on the Lord

    Special resources within the study:

  • Study Suggestions
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Metanarrative of Scripture
  • God’s Fulfilled Promises
  • Key themes: Control, Desire, Trust, Surrender, Self-Control

Let’s get started!

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Download the Reading Plans


Check out this video from Anteneshia, as she shares with us some truth from the Total Surrender study!

Weekly Checklist:

- Watch overview video
- Complete study days 1–5 of Total Surrender
- Share what you are learning in the facebook group!
- Practice surrendering control to the Lord!