Additional Resources

  • Reflections on Grief: How Grief Can Make Us More Aware of God’s Presence

    Jennie Heideman reflects on how grief can make us more aware of God’s presence.

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  • How to Walk Alongside a Friend Who Is Suffering

    Krystal Dickson shares practical way to Walk Alongside a Friend Who Is Suffering

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  • Handling Everyday Life While Grieving w/Melissa Zaldivar | Ep. 220

    In this conversation, we talk about how to rightly handle the Scriptures when faced with loss, how to help others that are in grief, and where hope is found even as grief lingers.

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  • Where is God in Times of Crisis? | Ep. 165

    When we are faced with a crisis, it can feel paralyzing, confusing, and painful. We all respond differently to seasons of suffering. We may even question God’s goodness as we walk through trials and hardship. But is that the right question we should be asking?

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  • Hope in Suffering with Katherine and Jay Wolf | Ep. 54

    Katherine and Jay testify that though their story is one of overwhelming loss, it’s also one of overwhelming love. It’s a story where the living hope of Christ anchors and heals. It’s a story of redemption.

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