Hope in Crisis | Gospel-Centered Truth for a Sinful, Suffering World

Every day as you scroll through social media or watch the news you are confronted with the brokenness of the world: A classroom of innocent kids has been murdered, a devastating flood has displaced thousands of people, the economy is tanking and you are watching your life savings disappear, and there’s been another scandal in the church. How do we respond to these crisis situations? How should the gospel shape our understanding of a sin-affected world and inform our response to those around us?

Hope in Crisis: Gospel-Centered Truth for a Sinful, Suffering World is a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD that will:

• Enable you to respond to pain and suffering in a way that glorifies God.

• Help you understand God’s purposes in pain and suffering

• Give you hope when you hurting

• Equip you to respond with love and grace to those around you who are suffering