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Prayers For Anxiety

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Prayers For Anxiety

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This set of 11 cards includes 10 cards designed to help you pray for anxiety and worry in your life, and a cover card.

One side of the cards contains a Scripture that pertains to anxiety or worry, and the other side has a prompt to help you pray specifically and intentionally.
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Customer Reviews

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So Helpful!

These cards are a huge comfort to me through my daily struggle with anxiety, worry, and fear.

Ever since the beginning of my last pregnancy, I've struggled with anxiety. I was afraid of having another baby because I was only five months postpartum and wondered what would happen to the baby I already had, in addition to wondering how my own body could sustain the two lives at once. I worried all the time. Then I felt sick all the time. Then I miscarried one baby while the other survived (vanishing twin). Then I was afraid of what would happen to the surviving baby. Then I was afraid of going early. Then of going late. Then I had a scare after labor. Now I'm on this long road of recovery postpartum when I've been often sick and constantly struggling with dehydration.

It's been quite the journey of trusting God! All this said, these prayer cards are helping me dwell on Scripture instead of my fears. They're convenient, pretty, and small enough to carry anywhere or leave out where I can frequently see them. I'm learning to stop being a Martha, worried about many things, and instead be a Mary, sitting at the feet of my Savior. Thank you to the staff who created these cards; they are a huge comfort to me!

Hailey Y.
Love them!

These are the perfect gift and reminder for those struggling with Anxiety. Absolutely love these!

Sydni H.
So Good!

I bought these as a gift for my SIL who struggles severely with anxiety, and she said they've been a wonderful daily reminder to give it to God!

Hannah H.
A tool to impart daily grace and encouragement

The prayers for anxiety card set is so wonderful! I put in a prominent place, and display one card at a time to read throughout the day. I love that the cards contain both Bible verses and prayer prompts, which were thoughtfully curated and are so encouraging.

Dakota H.
Great Gift

I gave these cards to a fellow follower struggling with Anxiety, and she loved them. Highly recommend