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Hymns for a Mother's Heart

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Hymns for a Mother's Heart

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Hymns for a Mother's Heart is a devotional for moms.

It is filled with hymns and reflections on the truths contained in them and how they point us to Jesus in our mothering. The book contains 21 hymns.

Each hymn has a devotional, the hymn lyrics, prayers for mothers and prayers for her children, as well as space for notes and reflections.

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Customer Reviews

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Such a sweet little devo for Mamas

I love hymns so this was such a wonderful gift. I love the sweet prayers over our children and for ourselves as a proper response to the truths of each hymn. The encouraging words are such a blessing to accompany the hymn.

Such a blessing

This book was gifted to me soon after my baby was born. It has been such a blessing! I've been wanting to gift it to my SIL too, but it's out of stock. I love that there's a separate prayer for the children and mother! I've used these hymns as my lullabies at night.

Jane L.
Hymns for a Mothers Heart

I love this book so much! We are gifting it to the women/moms who serve in our Children's Ministry on Mother's Day. It's beautiful but so much more. I love how the hymn is partnered with good thought provoking teaching and Scripture. The prayer for mom followed by prayer for children makes this extra special and helpful. And then the journal pages to write anything the Lord lays on your heart - all so very good!!! It's a gem!

Loved it

I absolutely loved this book, as a musician music and lyrics speak to me more than just a normal book might've. I found this book to just be such an encouragement when I felt overwhelmed.

So Encouraging

I have my second child on the way, and I was looking for encouragement as a young mom who stays home. This is such a sweet addition to my day. Encouraging and thought provoking!