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Faith Questions - Suffering

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Faith Questions - Suffering

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The Faith Questions: Suffering booklet is a guide for engaging conversations on the topic of suffering. It assesses non-Christian worldviews on the nature of suffering and compares them to the Christian worldview. This booklet offers insight on the reason and resolution for suffering from a biblical perspective and shows how Christians can point to the gospel and the glory of God in the midst of life's sorrows.

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Customer Reviews

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Kelsey S.
More of a devotional

This book helps you gain focus on gods love through suffering rather than being alone in your grief.

Helpful in times of struggle and not pandering

This study was helpful and I appreciate that it did not attempt to be a "catch-all". It allows room for different types of suffering as well as differing views and biblical answers to those views. I appreciate that it highlights positives in certain frames of thought but also helps to show how the positives need to be sought in the light of the word and not on their own. It highlights how certain views even if biblically based can become idols if not continually focused on Christ. Great resource.

Suffering Turned Into Praise!

Wow! This is an amazing booklet! Questions about the sufferings we experience on this earth are examined. God yearns for us to lean on Him and learn how truly faithful He is!

Abigail L.
Handy Reference

This is a good and compact way to deliver simplified answers to hard questions. I love the simplicity and layout. It gives a good overview of each perspective and the FAQ's of suffering. Thank you for making it easy and accessible.


This little book has been very useful to me in gaining some understanding about why God allows suffering in our lives. Thanks for these resources.