How to Choose a Bible Study for a Small Group

How to Choose a Bible Study for a Small Group

by: Anteneshia Sanders

I don’t know about you, but I love it when the time comes to pick a new Bible study! 


There are so many topics and books of the Bible to choose from. Studying the Bible with a group is also one of my favorite things. If you lead a small group and are tasked with brainstorming ideas for a Bible study, you understand how challenging it can be. Though the members of your group may be similar in a lot of ways (gender, season of life), they all have individual needs as well. It’s likely that the group you are meeting with has its own nuances and concerns. Choosing the right study for your small group is important to the spiritual growth of all involved. So how do you go about selecting a study that will work for everyone?


3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bible Study for a Small Group.

1. Biblical Knowledge


When choosing a Bible study for your small group, be sure to take into account your group’s level of biblical knowledge. Are you meeting with a group of new believers who are new to the Bible or are the members of your group seasoned followers of Jesus who have been studying the Bible for most of their lives? Maybe it’s a mixture of both. You’ll want to choose a study that can accommodate your group’s familiarity with studying Scripture. This will help group members feel more confident when participating in the study, and it will aid in their gradual growth in studying the Bible. 


2. Time Commitment


Lengths of Bible studies vary. Some are three or four weeks long. Others last six or twelve weeks. Be sure to consult your group to get a general consensus of how much time everyone can commit.


Some studies also have more “homework” than others. You will need to have an idea of how much time your group members can commit to the study outside of weekly meetings. Doing so will prevent your group from burning out before the study ends and from overextending themselves during the week.


3. Goal of Study


What is the overall goal of your group’s time in the Bible? Maybe your group was formed out of your church and there are specific goals set for every group to grow as disciples. Or maybe your group is made up of people with similar struggles such as mental illness or divorce. Whatever the case, choose a study that helps your group to reach the goals that you set. Whether your group wants to address a specific topic or address a pain point or felt need, choosing the right study will help you all to reach that goal.


Types of Bible Studies


Generally, there are two types of studies to choose from: topical or expository. A topical study is going to focus on a specific subject, seeking to answer the question, “What does the Bible say about…?” 


An expository study usually narrows in on one book of the Bible, seeking to discover the overall message of the book and how it applies to the life of the believer.


Both topical and expository Bible studies are great and have their place in small groups. However, you will want to refer to the list above to decide which type is the next best step for your group’s needs.


Ideas for Bible Studies


Here at The Daily Grace Co.®, we offer a variety of studies that will help your group grow deeper in discipleship and knowledge of Scripture. Here are a few of them you can choose from:


Amen | From Eden to Eternity


Amen is a five-week study for those who want to learn more about the different genres of Scripture and how each book of the Bible points to Jesus. Amen is great for groups who are new to Scripture and want to know how to approach it and read it on their own.

Choosing the right study important to the spiritual growth of all involved | TDGC


Eden to Eternity | The Chronological Story of Scripture Bundle


Eden to Eternity is a 4-volume study series that walks through the entire Bible chronologically over 365 days. This study highlights how the story of Scripture unfolds from creation to Revelation as the events occurred. Eden to Eternity is best for groups who can commit to a full year of Bible study with content for 365 days.


Follow Me | A Study on the Gospel of Mark


Follow Me is a six-week expository study on the book of Mark. This study is beneficial for those who are curious about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. It is also a great study for those who are struggling with doubt.


Faith Foundations | A Study on the Basics of Christianity


Faith Foundations is a three-week study that explores the basics of the Christian faith. This study is perfect for new believers and perfect for seasoned believers who want to rediscover the wonder of their faith. This study is also great for groups who can only commit to a few weeks of study.


Also, make sure you check out our group leader guide and kit for completing this study with your small group. 


The Attributes of God Study - Men


The Attributes of God is a six-week study for men that equips believers to understand the depths of God’s attributes and how they reveal His character, our sin, and the gospel. Perfect for a group of men who want to dive deeper into who God is.


Choosing the right study important to the spiritual growth of all involved | TDGC


Mercy in the Storm | A Study on the Book of Jonah


This study lasts four weeks and is an expository study of the book of Jonah. Mercy in the Storm equips believers to recognize how God uses imperfect people to bring out His perfect purposes and to rest in God’s sovereignty in all things. This study is perfect for those who have limited time commitment but want to understand the story and structure of a whole book of the Bible.


Pray | Cultivating a Passionate Practice of Prayer


Pray is a five-week study that tackles some of the issues that make prayer difficult and helps readers to find time in their schedules to set aside for prayer. This study is great for those who want to learn to pray, those who doubt the effectiveness of prayer, and those who can’t seem to find time to pray.


Members are the same in some ways but have individual needs  | TDGC


Choosing the right Bible study for your small group might be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Take some time to evaluate the nature and needs of your group and select a few options that you think might work. Pray through what the Lord might be leading your group to study next.


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