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Gospel-Centered Motherhood

Gospel-Centered Motherhood

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Gospel-Centered Motherhood is a booklet that covers a wide range of topics related to the beautiful calling of motherhood. It covers topics like discipleship in the home, guarding your marriage, mom guilt, discipline, perseverance, emotions, and more. Every topic has related Scriptures to meditate on and questions to consider to prompt prayer. Motherhood is a gift, and the ultimate aim is to glorify Christ in and through it.

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Customer Reviews

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Louisa M.

My cousin gave me this book which I found inspiring, especially as a new mom. One of my favorite things about Daily Grace Co is how beautiful everything is. It's part of what makes me feel refreshed.

Mariah K.
Extremely helpful

After listening to this podcast, it has greatly changed my viewpoint on how to stay focused on the important things in my life. I really appreciate the realistic tips given to listeners. I can’t wait to apply what I have heard!

Melanie C.
Exactly what we needed!

We are using this book in our moms group and it is hitting every topic SO well. Extremely satisfied with this pick!

Such A Blessing!

This is exactly the biblical encouragement I need. I really love the thoughtful questions it poses that keep me ruminating on God's Will for me as a mother!

Great Gift Idea

Would make a great gift for all the new moms in your life. I also gave this as a gift to a friend when her son was baptized. I wanted to have a gift for him and for her. It was perfect and she has told me how much she loved it.