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Take Heart | A 90-Day Devotional

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Take Heart | A 90-Day Devotional

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Take Heart is a 90-day devotional for those who are weary, anxious, and overwhelmed.

Each day includes a passage of scripture, a prayer prompt, and a short devotional designed to bring encouragement from God’s Word.

With gospel truths on every page, this devotional will help lift the hearts of those who are downcast to rest in the love of the Lord.

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Customer Reviews

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Trinity P.
Beautiful and refreshing!

The Take Heart 90 Day devotional is such a refreshing portion of my day to take in the words on the page and they are artfully presented! The aesthetics of this book are lovely and the words are nourishing. The scripture and then the break down to understand and meditate on Gods words are personable. Thank you to all who had a hand in making and publishing this devotional book, you are a blessing

Abbie N.

I received it on a day that was terrible. The 1st page, spoke to me that day! Just incredible I know it was sent by God!

Paula B.
Love it!

The design and the content are beautifully put together!

Love it so far!

I was looking for a devotional that I could do in the morning or during the day when I need to take a break and re-enter and this is perfect. Short enough entries that I can read it in just a few minutes, but still very encouraging. I especially love the prayers at the end of each reading because in moments of overwhelm I find it hard to find the right words to pray and it's so nice to have a short prayer to help get me started.

Take Heart A 90-Day Devotional

I have just started the Take Heart 90-Day Devotional. It is perfect for just a short encouragement for your day.