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31 Days of Prayer - Kids Verse Card Set

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31 Days of Prayer - Kids Verse Card Set

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This set of cards includes 31 cards plus a cover card. 

Designed to be used as a tool to encourage prayer throughout the month, each card highlights a different topic to pray for. Choose one that corresponds with the day of the month and pray for that request. Each card includes Scripture and three prompts to guide your prayer.

These are perfect for family devotions, mornings over breakfast, or even the carpool line.

Cards include prompts to pray for family, friends, neighbors, wisdom, contentment, unbelievers, missionaries, and more.

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Customer Reviews

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Heidi M.
Helps focus prayers

My daughter felt like she was getting in a rut praying the same things every day. This has been so helpful giving her ideas of ways to expand her prayers.

Great homeschool resource!

We used these cards in our homeschool morning routine. We used one card per week and spread out the prompts throughout the week. It was a great resources to help expand our kids' understanding of prayer and all of the ways we can engage in what God is doing!

Great resource!

Such a great resource to help children focus on prayer!

Melinda M.
easy & valuable thing to add to household routine

My oldest is 4, and we've just started using these at dinner. Every few days, we'll take one out and talk about it. At this point, a lot is over her head, but it's still valuable lessons in how all of these various topics are all things that we should pray about. Each card has a topic on one side, and then the other side has three prayer prompts. For us, we may not really have an answer for all three, but at least one will be relatable. For example, tonight was "Our Friends." My 4 year old doesn't know if she has any friends who are not believers, and she doesn't really have any friends who are in suffering, but she CAN pray that she herself will be a good friend (which was the third prompt on the card). Each card also has a scripture reference that you can look up and read.

Love these

These are so great for many ages! It is a great conversation starter for my 2 and 3 year old but could be great even for middle school age or up. I love using these and helping my boys see and hear prayers and to be able to do it as a family.