Attributes of God Verse Card Set

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This is a set of 19 verse cards and a cover card. The set includes 19 attributes of God with definitions and Scripture passages to go along with them. These are great for meditating on or using in Bible study as you think about what any passage teaches you about who God is.

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We believe that the Bible is true, trustworthy, and timeless. We desire to know and love God, and to live out the truth of God's Word in our everyday lives.


My entire faith has been shifted and advanced by The Daily Grace Co. I wake up each morning with a newfound excitement and hope to get into God's Word and have my affection more deeply stirred for Him. My eyes have been opened anew to the truth and remarkable grace which exists in the Bible. I am so grateful that these products exist.

Maeve M.

The Daily Grace Co. has equipped me to be a better has made me a strong believer in the importance of women knowing good theology! The Daily Grace Co. has transformed my life and walk with Christ.

Kara A.

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Repeat purchase

These cards are great! I got them for my mom and she has been using them and giving them away, so I had to buy a set for myself and another set for her. Great purchase!

Nicole B.
Attributes of God Verse Cards Set

These are great companion cards to the amazing Attributes of God Bible Study!!! These cards a great way to view the attributes of God simply and easily. Not to mention that they are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Hannah W.
Beautiful Cards

These are absolutely beautiful and the quality is great too!
They were a gift from my Bible study leader, and I keep them in the car so I can look at one before heading on off my my commute to town for errands.

A must buy

A great addition to my Christian learning

I love these so much!

these will never run out, they will last for days and then some. They're beautiful and make great decoration with their special designs. I am excited for it to not only be aesthetically pleasing for others to admire looking at, but to notice it and have it draw conversations of the Lord!