A Poem for the One Who Never Feels Like Enough

A Poem for the One Who Never Feels Like Enough

For the one who never feels like enough: 

I know what it’s like to wake up in the morning, 

feeling that weight upon your chest. 

It’s the weight of not being enough,

despite always doing your best. 

It’s a weight that you’ve placed upon yourself,

a bar that you’ve set so high.

It’s a standard that you can never reach,

no matter how hard you try.

It’s a weight that others place upon you,

always expecting you to do more. 

You work so hard to please them,

but their demands continue to roar.

It’s a weight the world places upon you,

to be successful, smart, and seen.

You see this standard in the books you read,

and in the images on your phone screen

All these voices try to tell you

that your worth is found in what you do.

That if you achieve this certain standard,

you’ll feel worthy through and through.

The more you try to be enough,

the more the weight pushes down.

The voices just scream louder

and under their shouts you drown.

But amongst all of the voices

there is another you can miss.

It’s the voice of the Father, 

Who does not shout or hiss.

His voice is not condemning

He does not ever demand

He never scolds your failures

Perfection He does not command

God’s grace for your shortcomings

is always sure and true. 

For the weight of perfection

is a weight God never places on you. 

God doesn’t place the weight of perfection on you | The Daily Grace Co.

Before a holy God,

none of us are enough

We all fall short of God’s glory,

and our sin is desperately rough.

Before a holy God, none of us are enough | The Daily Grace Co.

But that’s why God sent us Jesus,

Who forgives us of our sin.

He cleanses us with His righteousness

And makes us pure within.

When your weaknesses are realized

and your failures are made known,

you can cling to the grace of Jesus

and find your contentment in Him alone.

So don’t listen to the voices of others,

or the voices in your head.

Don’t listen to what the world says,

but to what God says instead.

He tells you that your value

is not found in what you do,

for your true worth is found

in the One who saved you. 

Your true worth is found in Jesus | The Daily Grace Co.

So when you do not feel enough,

remember what is true—

that although you often fall short,

God never stops loving you.

His grace is always sufficient

His mercies are always new

His patience is always abounding

And His forgiveness is never few

So when you wake up in the morning,

with that weight upon your chest,

allow Jesus to lift it away,

and in His grace you can rest.

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