A Year in Reflection

A Year in Reflection

The Daily Grace Co. exists to create resources to help followers of Jesus know and love God's Word. This company provides tools to help you immerse your life in Scripture because we believe the Bible is true, trustworthy, and timeless. We are so grateful for all of you who have invited us to come alongside you in your personal journeys to glorify God in 2019. Whether it was by using the gel highlighters during your time in the Word or hanging a print in your home or doing one of our Bible studies or listening to Daily Grace podcast episodes – thank you for inviting us into your lives.

While we believe every resource in The Daily Grace Co. shop is beautiful and helpful for our spiritual growth, we wanted to share many well-loved products from 2019.

These are bestsellers but please note that they are not in any particular order.

Amen: From Eden to Eternity – This is a popular study that is helpful for all believers to understand the story of Scripture. It is a 5-week study that is designed to teach the unified narrative of Scripture and clearly show how every part points to Jesus. You will walk through various genres of Scripture and see how everything from the law and the prophets to the gospels to the epistles points to Jesus and His redemptive plan. You will also better understand the different plot movements of the story: creation, fall, redemption, and consummation. This study helps you connect the dots between the Old and New Testaments, and you'll quickly understand why all of Scripture is important for believers today.

Bible Highlighters – Highlighters that don't bleed through the pages of your Bible are essential for studying Scripture. The gel highlighters (pastel colors are available along with scented versions!) are popular for those who want to highlight specific words or phrases or verses to aid in their study of God's Word. These gel highlighters will not bleed through even thin pages! If you prefer the feel of a more traditional highlighter, the liquid erasable highlighters are great (and yes, you can erase a highlight!). Each highlighter set comes with a card with tips for highlighting and a space to create your own color coding system. If you would like to learn more about how highlighters can enhance your study, check out Episode 33 of the Daily Grace podcast, "Highlighting as a Tool for Intentional Bible Study".

It is Well – This is a 3-week study on anxiety. While not a replacement for any treatment or biblical counseling that may be needed, this study encourages women to go to the Lord with their worries and anxieties and to rest in His all-sufficient grace. This study will walk you through Scripture and point you to the source of our hope in all of life's anxieties. The aim is to point you to God, help you know Him more, and equip you with the Word to turn from anxious thoughts to the Father's arms.

Chosen – This is an in depth study of the book of Ephesians. This 7-week study takes a verse by verse walk through the book of Ephesians. You will explore the many themes found in the book. The first half of the study focuses on who we are and our identity in Christ, and the second half of the study looks at how we should live in light of that identity.

Daily Truth: Scripture to Meditate on in Every Circumstance – This book serves as a sort of reference for every circumstance of life. It lists out 24 various topics from worry to waiting to loneliness to anger. Appropriate Scripture passages and encouragement are provided to be referenced during different seasons of life.

Prayers For Anxiety – Verse cards are helpful tools to call our hearts back to gospel truth throughout our days because we can place them in areas where we can see them. This set of 10 cards are designed to help you pray for anxiety and worry in your life. One side of the card contains a Scripture that pertains to anxiety or worry, and the other side has a prayer prompt to help you pray specifically and intentionally. There is a variety of verse card packs for the different seasons and needs of life (click here to see all available verse cards).

Gospel Conversation Cards – This set of 11 cards goes over basic gospel truths. One side of the cards have foundational questions (and answers) regarding the gospel, like "What is the glory of God?" and "Why did Jesus Christ suffer on the cross?". The other side of the cards have Scripture verses to support the answers. This is a great tool to facilitate discussions for kids and adults alike (specific kid version available here)!

Abide Journal – This is an all-in-one journal to meet your Bible study needs. It features tabs for Bible Study, Prayer, Gratitude and Adoration, and Notes (to use for sermons, quotes, etc.). The Bible Study hold pages similar to the Be Still Journal.

Attributes of God Cards – This is another verse card pack that goes over the attributes of God (19 attributes). Ever wonder how to succinctly explain what it means to say God is eternal? This is a helpful resource that will clearly define the different attributes. Appropriate Scripture passages are also included. This is great for meditating on the unchanging character of God. It can also complement your Bible study time as you consider what a particular passage of Scripture is teaching you about who God is.

Dwell Scripture Memory Journal (Psalms) – This Scripture memory journal is a resource aimed at assisting you in memorizing longer passages of Scripture. This particular edition focuses on Psalms of praise and thanksgiving. It provides helpful information to help you while you memorize, like word studies and space to practice writing out what you've committed to memory. You can go at your own pace with encouraging tips and exercises offered along the way.

We pray these continue to be tools that complement your study of God's Word. The Bible is nourishment to our souls. It is all we need for life and godliness. It makes us wise; it sanctifies us; it brings delight and so much more. May we continue to encounter the Lord as we read and study His Word in 2020.

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