What is the New Testament All About?

What is the New Testament All About?

Each week, I have the opportunity to lead preschool worship at my church. These adorable children come into the room, we practice our Bible verse using arm motions to help them remember it, sing worship songs that get almost all of their wiggles out, and then learn about Jesus from a particular passage of Scripture. As you can imagine, the lesson has to be short and to-the-point to keep these two to four year olds engaged. 


In an effort to instill key truths that they carry with them for years to come, I ask them the same three questions at the start of each lesson:


  • As I hold my Bible, I ask, “What book is this?” And they yell, “The Bible!”
  • I then ask, “How many parts does the Bible have?” And they hold up two adorable pudgy fingers as they shout the answer, “Two!”
  • And finally, I ask them, “Who is the Bible about?” They all give me a sheepish little grin and then with a huge smile, they answer, “Jesus!”


As you read those questions, you might wonder what my purpose is in asking them. They seem simple enough, but these questions are foundational to our faith and our understanding of Scripture. You see, I don’t want these kids to leave their time at worship each week and think they just experienced a story like one they see on T.V. or read in a book. The God of the Bible is more than just a character in a story; He is the essence of life. This lesson is not just for preschoolers, but even for adults who have been believers for many years. 


God is more than just a character in a story, He is the essence of life | TDGC

Understanding that the Bible is God’s very Word, and that its overarching purpose points to Christ and the redemption and reconciliation He provides, can never start too soon. And knowing the importance of the two testaments, Old and New, is essential to our interpretation of God’s plan. Studying each testament is important. The Old Testament fixes our gaze on the promised Messiah to come while the New Testament declares the arrival of our Savior and how believers grow in Christlikeness as we await His return. Spending concentrated time in each testament helps us behold Christ past, present, and future. 


Spending time in each testament helps us behold Christ | TDGC

This year, The Daily Grace Co.’s A Year in the Bible(alt text: A Year in the Bible | TDGC) plan takes readers deep into the New Testament as we behold Jesus, the fulfillment of God’s gracious plan to save mankind. Chapter by chapter through the gospels, we see Jesus fulfill prophecy, teach, heal, love, make the ultimate sacrifice on the cross, and rise victoriously from the grave. Then we journey through the narratives and epistles as the Holy Spirit comes, the Church grows, and the authors teach us how to grow in holiness and anticipate our eternal home when Christ returns.  


To behold Christ in Scripture means we set our gaze on Him; we contemplate, observe, and regard the work of salvation He’s done on our behalf.  When we sum up what the New Testament is all about, we answer, “Jesus!” just like the adorable preschoolers in my class on Sundays. Jesus is the pioneer and perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). We fix our eyes on Him through the study of His Word. This year, let me encourage you to behold Christ on this New Testament journey. Whether you already started the plan or intend to in the future, your heart will rejoice in our Savior who has given us His all and our great God who remains faithful in every season. The New Testament is about Christ, and on Him we gaze with love, worship, and anticipation for when we dwell with Him forever. 


The New Testament is about Christ | TDGC

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