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Do you want to teach your child about global missions in a kid friendly and accessible way? We can help!

Around the World: Letters from Children Across the Nations will help your family to learn more about the nations through the stories of children that live across the globe.

Through age-appropriate facts and stories, this book will:

• Teach your child about a variety of people groups and the spiritual climate of their countries.

• Help your family pray for the nations with simple prayer prompts.

• Encourage your child’s curiosity with discussion questions about each country.

The book contains fifteen stories of children from different countries. Each story is accompanied with a colorful map, beautifully illustrated landmarks, and facts about the country. This would make a great addition to your children’s bookshelf, homeschooling resources, or family devotionals.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Great addition to our morning devotions!

We have been using this for a few weeks as part of our homeschool devotion time. My only complaint is that we finished! We'd love a "part 2!" We would read the letter from each child or teen, talk about the country, study the geography, and look up videos about each country. It was a great way to open up my children's eyes to how other Christians live across the world, and how thankful we can be to live where we can preach the Gospel freely. Highly recommend to everyone!

Amber N.
Great resource

This book is so neat! With letters from kids around the world, it is relatable and the information is tangible to young kids. It makes the foreign and the far-away seem real for kids. I love the fact that it gives facts about each country and specific ways to pray for those countries!
It's also a great resource for teaching kids about global missions, with terminology and missionary status explained.
Awesome book for curious minds!

Ashton H.
Around the world children's book

I can’t say enough good things. We received this books along with several scripture card packs as a gift. We homeschool all 4 of our children and Bible is a big part of our learning. However even myself as an adult found it difficult to pray for those we don’t know in other countries. This book has help tremendously. No only does it help us with praying for those in other countries but it also helps my children get an idea of how difficult life is for other believers and how lucky we are. This has made us all more grateful and also realize we’ve been taking for granted something others risk their lives for. I absolutely love this book and I’m constantly recommending it to others. I hope this becomes a series, we will definitely buy any more that come out for ourselves and also as gifts for others. This is a book all Christian homes should have. Even if they don’t have children. This book is amazing. As a homeschool mom I have more resources for all subjects than I could count, especially bible resources. This is by far my favorite one. Most bible resources are almost identical, this is different and very helpful.

Around the World Children’s Book

This book is so wonderfully done! Each of the stories is from the perspective of a child in another country and what it is like to live as a Christian there. This is done in a gentle, yet honest way that will help kids understand what living in other cultures is like. I love that there are prayer points for praying for each country. As a homeschooling mom, this will be such a great addition to our morning time and honestly could be the foundation of a great geography curriculum. After thumbing through this book for the first time, I loved it so much, I ordered a second copy for a friend.

Katelyn J.
Love this book!

I grabbed Around the World Children's Book on the slightly imperfect sale, just to have on hand. So glad I did! I realized that the book matches perfectly with AWANA curriculum, the "missions" portion at the end of each section. The lead teacher for our group loved the book and I grabbed one for her, too. Now, we're reading one letter a week to our 5th grade class! Great resource for your littles to open their hearts to missions and discipleship.