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Better Together Leader's Companion - Men

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Better Together Leader's Companion - Men

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Discipleship relationships are intentional relationships between Christians to help one another flourish in the faith, love God more and seek to glorify Him in our lives. Often, we have a desire for these relationships, but we don’t know how to begin these relationships. Our hope for this resource is that it would serve as a valuable tool in your pursuit of intentional discipleship relationships. The Leader’s Companion is meant to serve as leader’s guide to the Better Together discipleship resource.
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Customer Reviews

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Amy K.

This is a great resource for not only understanding the importance of discipleship, but also provides great resources to continue a discipling relationship long term!

Anna J.
Small Women’s Bible Study

Looking at starting a small women’s bible study group and came across your literature on YouTube and ordered your books. Starting the study in about two weeks need prayer, praying that we learn a lot together since this is new for us. Thank you for these beautiful books they are very informative. AMJ

Britney H.
A resource you need!

Definitely have used this book as a resource and has motivated me to dive deep into scripture. I used it as a personal study, but it can also be used in a one on one or group setting.

Marissa S.
Better together bundle

Loving this so far! Was recommended this by a friend and now we’re able to study together and have beautiful fellowship as well!

Lori M.
Beautiful Bundle

I am still working through the material, but it is beautifully presented and so far - spot on content wise! I'm praying that it will be something that we can use at an upcoming retreat where God has given each one of us a story and it is our job to go out there and share it as we make disciples! Again - not to focus on the petty things - but it is well designed and the three books do go nicely with one another. If one has never lead or tried to disciple someone, this is a great first step resource with lots of great applicable guidance.