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Conversation Cards for Bible Study

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Conversation Cards for Bible Study

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Breaking the ice in a group can be challenging. That’s why we created this set of twenty conversation cards, specifically designed for your Bible study group! 

Each 4”x4” card has a question or prompt to get people engaged in conversation and sharing stories for community building!

These cards invite your group to engage in conversion and Bible study while answering questions. Grab this set to use at your next dinner party or small group event!

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Customer Reviews

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Dayanara L.
Great Conversation Cards!

Can't wait to implement these conversation cards as an ice breaker for our women's bible study group. I loved the quality of the cards and the topics. I would definitely recommend for a small group!

Ana D.
Biblically sound, beautiful, & affordable resources!

Thankful for the daily grace and the resources we have found here. Very practical, useful, orthodox, and beautiful! 😊

Great cards

Love the quality of these cards and they are great reminders to have around!

Maddie M.
Shipping was so fast!

Loved my items

Debra M.
Convo Cards

I bought these to use for our Women's Bible study and just love them!! They are the perfect ice breakers to get people to open up and start talking...sometimes when you just jump into a study, especially if it's someone's first can be a little uncomfortable for them..these lighten the mood, but are fun and just help ease us into talking. Love!!