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Created with Emotions Children's Book

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Created with Emotions Children's Book

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Serena R.
Created with Emotions

This is such a helpful tool for helping your kids learn about all the different types of emotions we can experience in life. It’s important to teach our children that God created emotions and gave them to us for a reason but there are certain ways we should use them. Emotions are biblical but we have to look and see what the Bible says about them and how we are supposed to respond to them. Such a good resource!

Katie R.
Created with emotions

It can be a challenge as parents to explain emotions to children and how to regulate them. This book is super helpful to explain and give example of that!!

Katie Y.
Beautiful and Godly way to teach children about emotions

I was not taught how to deal with hard and confusing emotions as a child. I know many others who did not have an upbringing that accepted hard emotions. Now, through much research, we know that it is important for kids to be taught how to regulate their emotions with help. They will not figure it out in a healthy way on their own. In the 5 days I've had this book, it has been a great tool in explaining what God says about emotions and how we should view emotions to my 6-year-old sister. I will be keeping this book when I eventually have my own family. I will use it to teach my kids that God has emotions too and He doesn't want us confused or controlled by them.

Joanna C.
Created with emotions for kids

I love this for kids. I'm currently doing the adult emotions & the heart study & I love how they correspond with each other. It's so important to know what emotions are there for & that they can have a beautiful purpose & honor God. It's important for all ages to learn this.

Great resource

As a biblical counselor who often meets with children, this book is a great resource to help children understand their God given emotions.